Joe Vampire (2012)

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Title   Joe Vampire (2012)
Year   2012
Duration   English
Genre   Horror
Description   A Life he never asked for, A Curse he didn't want. When a Civil War soldier is left to die after being attacked by a Vampire, he's given a choice, turn or die. Now, after decades of being undead, Joe finally has something to live for when he crosses paths with a beautiful woman who is fascinated with his life. But when an old foe returns, will Joe be able to protect the one he loves, or watch as he looses all he's grown to care about, again.
Director   Sean Donohue, Mike Niche
Writer   Sean Donohue, Mike Lees
Cast   Mike Christopher, Krystal Pixie Adams, Candido Barbosa, Michael Bell, John Bernal, Shade Burnett, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Erin Cline, Slake Counts, Sam Der, Sean Donohue, Mike Duffau, Kali Dunning, Cassey Figueroa, Ruthie Garcia, John Gustafson, Carolyn Henneberry, Mitchell Herrin, Brandon House, Gerado Hurtado, Gina Jolie, Christopher Leto, Kelsey Mccarter, Adam McManus, Mark O'Brien, Brendaly Rivera, Slammin Sammy, Krista Grotte Saxon, Valerie Trujillo, John Vanis II, Anthony Wayne, Eric J. Whelchel, Joel D. Wynkoop
Country   United States
Label   Dark Web Films
Territories   Worldwide
Media   Digital