Pestilenz (2019)

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Title   Pestilenz (2019)
Year   2019
Duration   German, English
Genre   Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Description   Three aspiring filmmakers travel to a remote village to shoot a documentary about a mysterious outbreak of the plague. The Government declared the town to a restricted area and rumors are spreading, that the disease is caused by an ancient evil. The film crew tries everything to uncover the truth, even if it costs their lives.
Director   Thomas Grieser
Writer   Thomas Grieser
Cast   Shawn C. Phillips, Thomas Goersch, Marco Klammer, Sabrina Arnds, Thomas Grieser, Sascha Goldbach, Christina Moni, Tobias Range, August Homburg, Timo Homburg, Uli Finn, Marcus Ruhdorfer, Nici Kim, Anke Oehme, Manfred Treusch
Country   Germany
Label   POV Horror
Territories   Worldwide
Media   All