Unlisted Owner (2013)

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Title   Unlisted Owner (2013)
Year   2013
Duration   English
Genre   Drama, Horror, Thriller, Found Footage
Description   The 'Owner House'after a family movies into a house is murdered by an unseen subject after the tragic events a groop of teens discovered that the house the murder took place is down the road from where they are camping and decided to break in and investigate not long they encounter an unknown subject with an unrevealed identity and becomes his next victims'unlisted'owner'
Director   Jed Brian
Writer   Jed Brian, Jed Brian
Cast   Chris Ash, Levi Atkins, Chloe Benedict, Abby Brian, Bentley Brian, Jed Brian, Haidee Corona, Gavin Groves, Griffin Groves, Tanner Hoke, Tyler Landers, Mark Nation-Ellis, Amber Newlin, Nicholas C. Peters, Andrea Potts, Graycie Sapp, Travis Trainner, Trenton Wilkinson
Country   United States
Label   POV Horror
Territories   Worldwide
Media   All