Our Media Divisions

World Class Niche Genre Content

Play Now Media has a growing team of divisions and labels designed to support all forms of streaming media. If your content does not fall within any of our established divisions, there’s no need to worry. We are in the process of heavy expansion in all sub-genres of film and streaming video content.

Center Stage Films – Niche Genre Film Production and Distribution

Center Stage Films is a wholly owned subsidiary of Play Now Media focusing exclusively on the production, distribution, and marketing of niche genre films across the world wide streaming market.

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Fright Night Films – Horror Movie Production and Distribution

Fright Night Films is a division of Center Stage Films focused exclusively on the production and delivery of horror movies. Fright Night Films owns and operates a growing family of horror movie streaming channels, including: POV Horror, Wicked Horror TV, Trashy Horror Movies, and 99 Cent Horror.

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More to Come!

We are working around the clock to establish many additional divisions blanketing your favorite genres and content. Check back often!